Beautiful Sunrise Mountain Cabins

About the Owners


Chie was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan before attending college in Pennsylvania then moving to Cleveland, Ohio, and now lives near Asheville, North Carolina. Despite her metropolitan upbringing, Chie enjoys nature-abundant Western North Carolina living, let alone its warm-hearted locals and cultures. Traveling and exploring are her favorite things to do.

Chie has been a Registered Nurse for seven years, and in healthcare for over ten years.  She has experience working in a Skilled Nursing facility, and extensive hospital experience including In-Patient Acute Rehabilitation, Transplant Unit, Renal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.


Grown up in Cleveland, Ohio, USA., previously lived in Phoenix, Arizona and Tampa, Florida areas, and recently co-located to Asheville, North Carolina area. Phil has over a decade of property management and property investment experience. Trained as an Army MP, but bit of a renegade career wise.  Phil has owned successful businesses in insurance, private investigations, surety bail bond industries, and has experience in computer network engineering, hospitality advertising, asset recovery and repossession, and even a few years traveling as a commercial over the road tractor trailer truck driver.  Career long entrepreneur, property investor and rental manager.

Growing up, Phil helped his grandmother during summers, who ran a small-scale assisted living facility in her house.  She prepared meals, did laundry, helped with bathing and general hygiene, and planned daily activities.

Phil is a licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent since 2006, and a licensed Private Investigator since 2003.  Learn more about Phil on LinkedIn.