Something Different

Our cabins are perfect for a variety of needs, all of which are not necessarily main-stream. We are building these cabins, this community, to fulfill the specialty needs for those seeking:

Downsizing, Deciding What’s Next

With kids finally out of college, have you recently divested yourself from a grand house, with lots of belongings to shed? Looking for a small, easy to maintain cabin while you decide what is next?

Outdoor Living, Nature Seekers

Nestled right on the side of a Blue Ridge mountain. Nature is abound with changing nature scenery and wildlife that flows in and out with the seasons. Witness remarkable rainforest living in your own yard.

Rugged Mountain Living

Being one of the last truly rugged mountain communities so close to town brings with it daily challenges those in town rarely deal with. From dangerous plants and wildlife, to weather conditions, we’re as old school as you can imagine.

Extended Spiritual, Religious, Meditation Retreats

Perfect for folks looking to disconnect and enjoy solitude while they discover themselves yet again, our cabins are perfect for your next extended spiritual, religious, or personal meditation retreat.