Beautiful Sunrise Mountain Cabins


Q. Why are you unavailable for short term, Flipkey or AirBNB style leasing?

A. We’re looking to develop a community of neighbors, not of transients.  We would rather not subject other guests and neighbors with a hotel-like tenants.  We may offer short term housing to existing residents,  but never intend on shorter than month-to-month accommodations to the general public.  Available on annual basis starting @ $975/month, month-to-month starting @ $1475/month, single & double occupancy.

Q. Why are you age restricted at 55+?

A. In the future, we hope to offer additional services and activities geared towards the 55+ market.  Things like one or more daily prepared home cooked meals, laundry and housekeeping services, communal activities perhaps with pets or animals.  With Chie’s experience in nursing and caring for folks, and Phil’s ultimate goal of building a self-sustaining community of those 55 and over, we seek to pioneer a new trend in active-adult housing.  It’s also 55+ because there are several laws which say the age 55+ and restricts us from marketing to any other age group.

Q. Why did you pick the age 55?

A.  We didn’t, the law did.  The law specifies the age, and it prohibits us from changing it.  The Fair Housing Law, 42 U.S. Code Section 3604, indicates discrimination by age, family status, race, disability, sexual orientation, creed, or income source is illegal.   This law originates way back in 1968.  But then in 1995 they allowed 55+ targeted rentals in the Housing for Older Persons (HOPA) act.  It specifically allows age-restricted housing and advertising.  By statute, the community must be either 100% occupied by residents 62 years of age or greater, or 80% of residents 55 and greater. 

Q. Are utilities included?

A. Since we’re small, we’re flexible.  Our lowest price is advertised without any utilities included, except water, for $975/month for the first lease term.  We can include any service or utility into your monthly lease payment, including electric, propane, satellite TV, 3G/LTE/satellite internet, and more, just ask us and we’ll customize your price.

Q. I cannot drive and need someone to shop for me, is this a good place?

A. Probably not.  Our cabins are designed for folks who are fully independent, including driving.  You and visitors should have a 4×4 or All Wheel Drive vehicle, and expect to be snowed or iced in a few days a year… unless you have and want to use tire chains.

Q. Is 4×4 or All Wheel Drive really necessary?

A. To avoid problems, we do require anyone moving here to have it, but probably not always needed.  There is about 1.5 miles of rugged dirt and gravel mountain road, with about 3 switchbacks.  Neighbors and visitors with ‘regular cars’ (no 4×4 or all wheel drive at all) visit all the time and have no problem.  When we don’t emphasize ruggedness, folks are sometimes surprised.  When we do warn them, they often say ‘it was nothing’. The only exception would be during a snow or ice storm, and that typically affects the mountain to the point of being unable to drive only a few days a year.  An experienced car and driver comfortable with rugged conditions should make it 99% of the time with any vehicle.  All that being said, there are several parking spots near the bottom where we could come down and pick you up the first time, so you could see.

Q. Will delivery and service trucks come to my house?

A. Probably.  With exception of a snow day, any straight truck will make it up our mountain most of the time.  FedEx, UPS, Home Depot and Lowes Delivery, even Instacart comes up the mountain.  The only time we had issues was when a tractor-trailer came to deliver a log splitter.  We met them down at the bottom of the mountain.  USPS mail is at the street, on the main road.

Q. What about emergency services, fire, EMS, police?

A. Our EMS unit is dispatched from a fire station about 3 miles away.  That being said, it is mountainous… you’re not getting an ambulance in five minutes like the city.  If not busy on other calls, we would expect an ambulance to arrive in about twenty minutes once called.

Q. What about internet, phone, cable TV?

A. For internet: I am in sales and work often work from home, full time, for weeks at a time.  Reliable, reasonably priced gigabit high speed internet is now available from Skyrunner.  It’s a wireless internet provider.  Before that, for five years I had both Verizon and AT&T hotspots. Between both, I had internet connection good enough for Skype, email, and web browsing.  Satellite internet is also available.  For phone: We have a landline, but we actually end up using our cell phone more often.  AT&T and Verizon have coverage, but other carriers do not.  For TV:  We can typically receive most major over-the-air TV networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, others for FREE with an HDTV antenna.  Satellite TV is also available.